Consequences Of A DUI

Under the Driver’s License Compact, drivers arrested for drunk driving in a state other than their home state can still face criminal and administrative consequences. 45 states are currently members of this compact. The compact states that all member states will share information with a driver’s home state if arrested for DUI out of state. The only states that are currently not members of this compact are:

  1. Georgia
  2. Wisconsin
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Michigan
  5. Tennessee

For example, a driver who is arrested for DUI in Nevada but resides in California can still face the consequences of that DUI in their home state, not just in Nevada. The consequences include both criminal and administrative consequences, so the driver in this example scenario would not only face the possibility of license suspension for Nevada, but their California driver’s license can be suspended or revoked.

The Driver’s License Compact also states that in order for a driver’s home state to penalize the person for a traffic offense such as DUI, the home state must have a similar offense. For example, if a California driver was arrested for OVI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated), they could face the consequences of a DUI in California, since that is the correlating offense in the driver’s home state.

There are also some special agreements between states that border Canada, such as New York and Ontario or Quebec, Michigan and Ontario, Main and Quebec, and Florida even has an agreement to share driver’s license and traffic offense information with Quebec.

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